Mitigation lessens or eliminates the effects natural disasters have on people and property. They are instrumental in preventing property damage, injury and loss of life for future disaster events. Mitigation Project Examples
  • Drainage Project - Foster township drainage project is located North of Iroquois, S.D. By installing larger culverts, it allows for water to better free flow under the road. Smaller culverts can catch trap debris more easily not allowing as much water to flow.

  • Generator - Colome, S.D. Emergency generator provides power to the fire hall building which keeps it operational in case of an emergency. During extended power outages the meeting room is also used as a shelter for the elderly and residents of the Colome assisted living facility.

  • Power Line Burial – Power line burials are beneficial as there is a very low chance of a power outage due to the lines being buried. Compare this to line poles building up a collection of ice making them heavy and more susceptible to breaking. Additionally, the poles can break during strong cold winter winds. One such project was undertaken in western South Dakota after a devestating October Blizzard.

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