bReady for Kids

In an emergency, remember three buzzwords:

bSafe - Know your safe zones. Learn what places are safe in an emergency and avoid contact with people who are sick.

bInformed - Make a plan so you know what to do and where to meet if there is an emergency.

Create your bReady plan

bPrepared - Disasters can happen at any time. Put together a bReady Kit so your family is ready.

What belongs in your kit?

Print out games and activities to test your bReady knowledge (PDF documents).
Crossword Puzzle
Matching Cards Game
Math Problems
Word Scrambler
Word Search

Check out these Winter Games (PDF documents)!
Winter Survival Crossword Puzzle
Winter Survival Word Scrambler
Winter Survival Word Search

Download the Teacher Lesson Plans (PDF documents).
K-2 Bulletin Board Items
K-2 Show and Tell Project
K-6_bReady Kit Tag
6-8 Getting the Word Out
9-12 Preparedness Analysis Project
9-12 Radio Campaign Project

Download the Solutions (PDF documents)
Crossword Puzzle Solutions
Math Problems Solutions.pdf
Maze Solutions
Scrambler Solutions
WordSearch Solutions
Winter Crossword Puzzle Solutions
Winter Survival Word Scrambler Solutions
Winter Survival Word Search Solutions

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